Father Figurine presents a timely "message of hope" in response to the rising numbers of young men dealing with mental health issues.

This emotive yet uplifting new work uses a mix of spoken word poetry and hip hop dance to explore the fractured relationship between a father and son. Will they be able to share their emotions with each other? Or will they fall into the statistic of nearly half of men believing they can’t express their feelings?

Current figures show that 75% of mental illnesses start by 18. Father Figurine questions the stigmas around the mental health of men and boys to find new ways to discuss the fragility and vulnerability that exists within all of us.

Body Politic are a hip hop theatre company who are committed to addressing the growing prevalence of mental health issues in young people. Their work isn’t just about raising awareness. It’s a fight to keep mental healthcare at the tip of our tongues and affect real change. Continuous change.

Age Guidance: 11+

Culture for a fiver

£5 for ages 25 and under, including organised school and FE college groups
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"It deals with themes and ideas not often brought centre stage and explores the vulnerability of men today through a complex movement language combining dance theatre and hip-hop" - Morning Star

"...a profoundly visceral reflection of the damage wrought by suppressed emotions and masculine silence" - Siobhan Murphy

"I was blown away at how powerful the work is. The spoken word, choreography, and performance are so strong" - Emily Winfield, Tavaziva Dance Company


  • Friday, September 20, 2019

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