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Tue 20th Aug 2019

Children's craft workshops

Peace Party Bunting Workshop

We want as many children in Luton as possible to be part of the Children’s Peace Party. The creative printing workshop will tour round to make the Peace Party bunting with local children. Everything made through these workshops will be used for decorating the Wardown Park, the site for Children’s Peace Party. Please come and join us to print out your message for the big audience.

Children are at the centre of this event - everything will be made and led by children and we would love for your child to be involved.

Wardown House

We have been also running a series of workshops with local schools. Through this journey, children will create the content for the Children’s Peace Party and be trained to able to run the event by themselves.

Printing Workshop

Chantry Primary Academy Year 5 students have been discussing the meaning of peace and democracy and how to achieve this in real terms. They have been learning the printing techniques to express their messages and share their voices in a colourful and creative manner. With their own designs, the participating children will host the printing studio during the Children’s Peace Party.

Games Workshop

Chantry Primary Academy Year 4 students have been discussing the meaning of fairness and cooperation. They have been playing and analysing the games and working towards inventing their own games around the theme – how can we achieve a fair society? The participating children will present a set of fairness games and facilitate the audience to try them out at the games station during the Children’s Peace Party.

Forum Theatre Workshop

Whitefield Primary Academy year 4 and 5 students have been learning about and practising a particular theatre form – a forum theatre. A forum theatre is a political device that presents a conflictual situation and involves the audience voice to solve the conflict in an interactive and collaborative way. The participating children have been developing the story around the party scene that comes with the decision on whom to get invited/not to and what inclusion/exclusion criteria would be justifiable in this decision. The outcomes of the workshops will be performed on the theatre stage during the Children’s Peace Party.