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Fri 19th Jul 2019


In 1919, as the town hall burned, rioters danced in the street. In 2019, we're returning to the very same spot.
Six events. Five months. One extraordinary riot.

Put on your dancing shoes and warm up your singing voice because exactly 100 years after it burned, People Power Passion will take over the front of the Town Hall with a riot of music, dance and projections. Join us for a celebration of the cultures of the communities of Luton.

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Luton Town Hall

Our town: our people: our sound”

An extraordinary act of art and resistance happened on the night of Friday 19 July 1919. After riots broke out and the Town Hall was set alight, the people of Luton broke into a nearby music store, dragged out pianos and danced and sung whilst illuminated by flames. This year the pianos return in a riotous celebration of the music, dance, cultures and communities of the people that call Luton home.

Exactly 100 years after it burned, People Power Passion will take over the front of the Town Hall. Extraordinary acts of resistance around the world and in Luton will be explored through a spectacle of music, dance and light.

This free event will animate our town centre and invite audiences of all ages to see our Town Hall in a new light. Audiences will be standing and the action will take place in front of the Town Hall and throughout the surrounding area.

We invite any individuals or groups interested in being part of the dance ensemble to get in touch. There will be a range of dance roles available and all abilities are welcome. No dance experience necessary. We will also be seeking singers and musicians. Please sign up to the mailing list to find out more.

Get involved. We would like to hear from you:

We invite any individuals or groups interested in being part of the dance ensemble to get in touch. There will be a range of dance, performing and participation roles available, if you're not sure what you want to do but still want to get involved, contact our team!

All abilities are welcome.

No experience necessary.

To start a conversation please email or

Bethany Evangeline Paul
Trainee Dance Captain, People Power Passion


Bethany Evangeline Paul is a highly versatile graduate in dance, film, radio and television. Bethany has skills and experience of stage management, documentary making, short film production, radio production and social media. Bethany also dances professionally and has experience of teaching dance.

"I am looking forward to working alongside professional dancers and choreographers and learning more about the dance industry. I want to support young people's creativity and expression through the medium of dance."
David Murphy, Sinfonia Verdi
Music Director, People Power Passion

@murphyconducts @SinfoniaVerdi @sinfoniaverdi

David Murphy is a socially engaged conductor with a particular interest in bringing diverse musical genres and cultures together so people can enjoy the creative sparks that inevitably result. He works with orchestras and opera companies internationally, but the roots of HIS work, and of orchestra Sinfonia Verdi of which he is the Artistic Director, are in Luton and its vibrant creative community.

“It is the energy and creative potential of Luton that inspires me. As one of the most super-diverse towns in the world it is a special place – a microcosm of human potential."
Lizzy Fretwell
Assistant Director, People Power Passion


Lizzy Fretwell is a graduate in Drama and Theatre Studies from Royal Holloway University and a born and bred Lutonian. While at university, Lizzy directed a production of Di, Viv and Rose by Amelia Bullmore. Last year Lizzy submitted a new piece of writing to be performed in a 'Luton Presents' evening and directed her own set of monologues entitled 'We've Chosen Here'.

"I am looking forward to being involved in bringing this fantastic collaboration of music and dance to the centre of Luton: the town I grew up in, love and call home."

Union Dance
Choreography Team, People Power Passion


Union Dance was formed in 1985 by Artistic Director Corrine Bougaard. Corrine's distinguished career includes work with Rambert Dance Company, training with London School of Contemporary Dance and the legendary Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in New York. Corinne is working in collaboration with Jordan Kennedy, a graduate of the Rambert School of Ballet and a former professional junior footballer. He has worked on Ballet Boys and McQueen.