Luton.Events is an independent listing website for public arts events and activities in Luton. We have developed the website specifically for Luton audiences and creatives, making a tailored website to showcase the many great workshops, talks, shows and gigs that are happening around the town.

This website was made for all shapes and sizes of promoters from local musicians putting on their first EP launch to international visiting companies bringing outdoor shows to our town centre.

Luton has a huge number of events taking place across the year so if you are looking for something to do or have something to promote get in touch and let us help!

Looking for something to do

You can search for events by genre, venue or date. Or, have a browse through the highlights on our landing page to find key events we think are worth shouting about.
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Want to publicise an event?

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For each event, you will need to enter specific information so that we give our audience all the information they need to find out, book and enjoy your event. You will find instructions as you go to help you out.

It can take up to three days for your event to go live as each entry is checked manually, so please make sure you upload your event information well in advance.

Our website has an extra trick up its sleeve specifically to help out promoters. If you have a possible event date coming up you can let other local promoters know by adding the potential date to a calendar only available once you log in. This will help to ensure other promoters are aware of your plans. Ah, event harmony!

If you need any more information or anything else about the site, then please contact us here.

About Us

We love Luton and we love events

Started by web developers Seraph Agency Ltd and independent producer Ellen Waghorn, we wanted to show off the great arts and culture we have around the town. We made this site with help from over 45 local promoters to ensure that it's a nice snug fit for the town.

We're still in pilot mode and we would love feedback. If you see something you think needs improvement or perhaps you have an idea please contact us.

Big thanks to our graphic designer Sophie T Carpenter for making us look cool.

This website was originally funded by Luton Arts Fund.