Embark on a nostalgic odyssey through the pixelated past and into the high-definition future at our interactive exhibition, “Game On: The Evolution of Video Games”. This immersive journey unfolds across the decades, showcasing the rich tapestry of gaming history. From the rudimentary blips of the Magnavox Odyssey and Pac-Man to the sleek sophistication of the PlayStation and Mobile Gaming, visitors will experience firsthand the technological leaps that have defined each era.

As you take in the exhibit, engage with the actual consoles that sparked revolutions in living rooms worldwide. Feel the tactile joy of a joystick, the click of a cartridge, and the camaraderie of couch co-op. Interactive displays invite you to play iconic titles, while ambient soundscapes of 8-bit tunes and triumphant fanfares transport you through gaming’s golden ages. A chronological journey from the birth of video gaming.

Local voices add a personal touch, sharing anecdotes and memories that resonate with the collective gamer spirit. Rare memorabilia, concept art, and developer interviews offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative processes that fuelled our digital dreams.

But wait, there's more, jump into oversize worlds of selfie spots and photo ops. Plus get hands on in some practical gaming challenges.

Whether you’re a veteran gamer or a curious newcomer, “Game On” promises an interactive celebration of the pixels, platforms, and play that continue to unite and inspire us. Join us for an unforgettable exploration of the consoles and characters that have shaped entertainment across generations.


  • Saturday, July 20, 2024

Stockwood Discovery Centre

Stockwood Discovery Centre tells the stories of real people behind the collections, exploring the history of the region from prehistoric times to the evolution of Stockwood House and the Farley estate.

The display collections include:

  • Geology
  • Archaeology
  • Social history
  • Rural crafts

Highlights include:

  • The Wenlok Jug - a rare medieval masterpiece with strong links to Luton’s history 
  • Luton's last tram
  • The award winning display of Mossman collection of carriages - the largest collection of its kind on display in the UK.

A paradise for garden enthusiasts, Stockwood Discovery Centre is one of the few places in the country where the work of acclaimed artist Ian Hamilton Finlay can be seen on permanent display. His Improvement Garden is a classical garden in which the sculptures are an integral part of the landscape. Once part of the original Stockwood House walled areas, the Period Gardens reflect the changing styles of gardening in this country. New areas include a contemplative Sensory Garden, a colourful World Garden and a Medicinal Garden highlighting the usefulness of plants - designed with environmentally green and sustainable principles in mind.

Venue Hire:

Stockwood Discovery Centre is the perfect setting for events, meetings and celebrations. See Venue Hire for more information. 


To become part of Stockwood Discovery Centre's programme, please contact our Head of Arts & Cultural Programmes, Fahim Qureshi at


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