The BBC is producing a segment for The One Show all about the Luton Peace Day riots.

They will be in town in Luton on Monday 25th March to gather stories from relatives of rioters, police and dignitaries involved in the riots in 1919.

As a tribute to the actions of the men and women who were involved on the day – initially portrayed as a violent riot, but now seen by descendants as a valiant act of solidarity by people who had sacrificed so much – the BBC want to create a portrait of descendants and other proud Lutonians on the steps of the town hall.

On Monday 25th March at 1pm, join us and share your connection to the 1919 Peace Day riots. bring along a photo of your ancestor involved, or something else that represents your memory of them. You're also welcome to come along just because you're a proud Lutonian! Come and take part in this historic year of centenary celebrations.

Cultural Histories are also collecting family histories on the day. Email them to find out more.

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Image: (c) Luton Culture/Luton news


  • Monday, March 25, 2019

Front Steps

Luton Town Hall