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Cultural Histories

Luton Council is working closely with Luton-based community interest company Cultural Histories who are developing a range of 1919 commemoration projects including a Key Stage Two learning pack for schools and a Family Histories project supported by the University of Hertfordshire.

Aims and Objectives

The Cultural History Community Interest Company (CIC) was formed and registered with Companies House in June 2018. Its activities will provide benefit to people interested in cultural history of their neighbourhoods and families, particularly but not exclusively the town of Luton in Bedfordshire.

Initial Focus

The initial focus of the CIC is to develop a programme of commemorative projects around the 100th anniversary of the Luton Peace Riots that took place in July 1919.

Creating Learning Material for Key Stage 2 school children

The Chiltern Learning Trust have produced material for use in schools around the concept of citizenship. They will be using information about the riot to think about the concept of citizenship today and the lessons to be learnt from previous generations of Lutonians. The materials will be available to schools once pilots take place in May, via the Cultural Histories’ website

Part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum for school children aged 10 and 11 years old is to learn about citizenship. Many of the themes around in 1919 are equally valid today. Themes like democracy, participation and protest. These learning materials will help all schools link the theme of citizenship with events around the riots in a positive and fun way.

They will help school students be more aware of the history of their town