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Associates and Trainee Artists

The Associate Artist and Trainee scheme is part of Luton Council's Skills Development Programme, which is embedded throughout the Pilot Year of Culture. They will get the incredible opportunity to help shape People Power Passion whilst gaining immeasurable experience unforgettable memories and professional relationships with artists currently at the top of their fields.

Charlotte Read


Trainee Stage Manager, Riot Act

"This role is an excellent opportunity for me. It will put me in touch with fellow creatives, particularly those in my hometown of Luton, which will open up a lot of future opportunities to advance my creative career."

Sophie O Brien


Trainee Arts Communications Assistant, The People's Launch

"I have always been someone who is wanting to learn new things and develop my skill set. I will be using this role to shape my freelance dance artist career as well as enhancing my marketing and business skills within the arts. People Power Passion will give me opportunities to help, share and invite audiences in what Luton has to offer."

Lizzy Fretwell


Assistant Director, People Power Passion

"I am looking forward to being involved in bringing this fantastic collaboration of music and dance to the centre of Luton: the town I grew up in, love and call home."

Sidney Belony


Assistant Director, Riot Act

"I am thrilled to be part of People Power Passion, and excited to be working on such a collaborative, community-based project, in Luton. As Assistant Director on Riot Act, my hope is to contribute to an exciting empowering production."



Trainee Dance Captain, People Power Passion

"I am looking forward to working alongside professional dancers and choreographers and learning more about the dance industry. I want to support young people's creativity and expression through the medium of dance."

Jason Kandaiah


Trainee Production Assistant, Riot Act

"This opportunity will allow me to immerse myself in the world of theatre and art making. I am excited and cannot wait."



Assistant Director, Justice 39

"I am hoping that my experience stays true to what People Power Passion is about; exploring the voices of diverse cultures, using different forms of art, seeing how we can transform Luton into a hotspot of activity."

CTT Filming Day 10 1


Creative Facilitator, Children's Peace Party

"I am really excited to be involved in delivering an exciting arts project to Luton and creating meaningful artistic opportunities for the children of the town, whilst encouraging learning about social issues relevant to them and their peers internationally."

Sophie Gresswell 1


Creative Facilitator, Lutopia

"I am looking forward to working with Andy Abbott to learn more about using art and technology to explore social issues, and quite literally create a projection of Luton's future!"

Ferdusi Khan


Trainee Digital Communications & Installation Assistant, Lutopia

"As a proud Lutonian, I really look forward to seeing all the projects come to life and celebrate the town and its people. I am really passionate about providing new opportunities for young people living in Luton, and People Power Passion does just that."